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Hospital Negligence Lawyers

Working For Injured People In Complex Medical Malpractice Disputes

There are many medical professionals involved in treating a person whom has gone to the hospital with an injury or illness. While you will meet face to face with your primary physician, there may be many others working behind the scenes to interpret medical tests, results and examinations. If you have surgery, an anesthesiologist will be responsible for sedating you and administering the correct amount of anesthesia. There are medical professionals that you may never actually see or talk to. However, if any of these people are negligent in your care, you could suffer catastrophic injuries or even wrongful death. While the majority of medical treatment in hospitals is excellent, the sad truth is that negligence and malpractice on the part of medical professionals is becoming more and more increasingly common.

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If you sustained an injury, or if a family member as died during a hospital surgery or procedure it can be extremely difficult to find out the truth as to what really occurred. Often times injured victims and their families are often met with silence from hospital staff and personnel.

We understand the complexities of these cases. We work with a network of trusted medical experts and a team of advisors to find the truth as to what really happened in your case. Gupta Law Group is backed by decades of experience and a reputation known for excellence.  We will pursue compensation for you or your loved ones losses.

Some situations involving hospital negligence, include:

  • Radiology, pathology or anesthesia
  • Delayed diagnosis of a stroke, heart attack or other illness
  • Failure of medical professionals to follow hospital policies and procedures
  • Failure of the hospital to have adequate policies or procedures in place
  • Failure of multiple physicians to communicate with one another
  • Radiology, pathology or anesthesia errors
  • Waiting room delays in emergency rooms resulting in further injury
  • Wrong medication or medication dosage

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